WorkPi Data Profile

workpi data profile

Regain control over work-related data such as assessments, diplomas, certificates, peer reviews, references etc.

Assessment Marketplace

workpi open platform

An open platform with assessments suited for various jobs & industries.

Development Lounge

workpi integrated development

Integrated development courses from various platforms to develop skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

WorkPi AI Lab

workpi advanced data analytics

Advanced data analytics to identify the essential indicators for performance in every unique job.


The WorkPi Foundation is found to create and sustain a successful WorkPi Ecosystem, enabling transparent information flow, efficient collaboration and quality assurance.


Our Vision

Reinvent yourself

WorkPi provides insights into the most relevant skills, characteristics and preferences to become successful in every unique job and discipline. With this information workers can eliminate mismatches and skillgaps by developing essential skills to be successful in the current job or make the transition to another job. Turn the realistic fear of losing your job into an opportunity to become more relevant and successful in this ever-changing world!

Our Roadmap

Partners & Clients


Hi! My name is Rik Rapmund and I'd like to introduce myself!

Rik Rapmund


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The Netherlands
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